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“Eyewitness News” - Rising Auto Insurance Costs (1976)
“Eyewitness News” coverage of rising insurance costs
Wreck I
Footage of the aftermath of a head-on collision with onlooking bystanders
Wreck III
Footage of the aftermath of a car wreck involving local taxi company Roy’s Taxi
Vintage Cars
Several models of vintage automobiles gather in the parking lot of G. C. Murphy's
University of Texas Driving Tour
A scenic drive around the UT Austin campus in the early to mid 1960s.
Two Automobile Wrecks
In this footage most likely shot for an Austin-based network news affiliate, two automobile wrecks are shown
The Steve Gomez Collection, no. 10 - Sam Napier Texaco
Home movie scenes of Sam Napier Texaco
The Ross S. Sterling Collection, no. 5 - Family in La Porte
Home movie footage of the Sterling family at their beach home and in downtown La Porte
The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 5 - Carrera de la Capital Races, 1963
Home movie footage of the 1963 Carrera De La Capital Races, a racing event in that year’s Aqua Festival.
The Motor Vehicle Inspection Program
Film detailing the newly implemented Texas Motor Vehicle Inspection Program
The Mark Stubbs Collection, no. 1 - Classic Cars & Lion Cub in the Backyard
Home movie footage of the Stubbs family spending time around the home: playing in the sprinkler, admiring...
The John Mitchell Collection, no. 5 - Texas International Speedway
Home movie footage of a day at the Texas International Speedway
The Jimmie Lee Collection, no. 1 - Family Trip
Home movie scenes of the Lee family on a trip to the coast, including a drive on I-45 through downtown Ho...
The J.R. Nelson, Jr. Collection, no. 12 - Airport Arrival and 1955 Chevrolet
Home movie scenes of a joyful arrival at the airport showcasing a pink 1955 Chevy Bel Air convertible
The Fred Napp Collection, no. 5 - Teens Cruising in Cars
Home movie of afternoon scene of cars cruising around the downtown area of DeKalb, Texas in the mid-1950s
The Dr. Henry Withers, M.D. and Frances Withers Family and Friends Collection, no. 2 - Joy Ridi
Home movie footage of two boys playing with their dogs and on a go cart, while adults admire and take a r...
The Alton Abbot Family Collection, no. 4 - Home Movie Compilation
Home movie compilation reel of a trip to the coast, a road trip through autumn foliage, taxi cabs, and a ...
Texas - The Big State
Commissioned by the Santa Fe Railway Company and produced by Dudley Pictures Corporation, this film provi...
Stirling Electric Car (1968)
KPRC-TV news segment demonstrating General Motors’ electric car prototype using a Stirling thermal engine
Pontoon Auto
Fisherman test the convenience of a pontoon boat
Police at Wrecks
Montage film from Austin based network news affiliate of three separate car accident sites.
Nacogdoches 1938
Itinerant film scenes of the residents, schoolchildren, and local businesses of Nacogdoches in 1938
Mark IV Commercial, no. 1
Mark IV outcools them all
Inventors Perfect New Autoboat! Flivver Furnishes Motive Power for Odd Marine Device
Views of the ‘autoboat' as it travels across water and offers an opportunity for fishing.
How Motor Cars and Other Living Things Can Find Happiness in the Dallas Freeway System
Educational film providing instructional freeway and motor travel etiquette for Dallas drivers
From Horses to Horsepower - Cars for the Texas Rangers (1956)
Newsreel clip features the Texas Rangers as they move from “horses to horsepower”
Fatal Car Wreck I
Footage of the wreckage from a deadly collision on a country road
Fatal Car Wreck on Austin's Bull Creek Road
Footage of a fatal accident at the intersection of Bull Creek Rd. and White Rock Drive in Austin
Expressway Wrecks (also dog from animal shelter)
Footage of a multi-car pile-up on the expressway and a dog from the animal shelter
Dub Rogers - KLBK Archival Footage, no. 12 - Gene Messer Ford
Advertisement for Lubbock's Gene Messer Ford car dealership, originally aired on Lubbock’s Channel 28, KS...
Dodge Commercial, no. 2
Variations of a 1960s commercial featuring the Dodge Boys
Dodge Commercial, no. 1
The Dodge Boys introduce the newest car models
Christmas Day Car Wreck
Footage of an automobile wreck with a telephone pole
Chill Wills Record Promotion with Cactus Pryor (c. 1969)
Chill Wills chats with Cactus Pryor during a promotional spot for his new album, "Hello Cousin"
Car Wreckage
Footage of wrecked cars towed away from the scene of an accident
Category - Car Crashes
Car Wreck 9-21-62
A car lies on its side in an empty field
Car Wreck - November 7th, 1962
Curious bystanders gawk at a 1950s car that has crashed into a truck
Car Wreck, Mount Bonnell Road, Austin (1964)
Likely shot for an Austin-based television news affiliate, this footage shows the recovery of an automobi...
Capitol Chevrolet III
Footage of Austin’s Capitol Chevrolet service department, paint shop, and parts department