Barney and Friends

The popular television program, Barney & Friends, aired from April 1992 until November 2010.  It was created by Sheryl Leach, a Dallas mom who wanted to create a toddler friendly television show for her own children.  The show, shot in Dallas, was based around Barney, a giant yet non-threatening Tyrannosaurus Rex, brought to life by a child’s imagination.  Barney has human children friends as well as other dinosaur friends such as Baby-Bop, a triceratops; B.J., a Protoceratops; and Riff, a Hadrosaur.  The show featured notable singing and dancing and always concluded with a rendition of the song “I Love You,” set to the theme of “This Old Man.”  Popular actress Selena Gomez had her acting debut on Barney and Friends playing Gianna for two seasons.

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Interview with a Barney Enthusiast’s Mother (1992)
Unedited interview footage of a “Barney and Friends” Enthusiast’s Mother at Christmas
Henry Scott of JC Penney’s on the Barney and Friends Phenomenon (1992)
Interview footage of Henry Scott of JC Penney’s on the “Barney and Friends” phenomenon
Brother and Sister Sing the Barney and Friends Theme Song (1992)
Unedited footage of a brother and sister singing the “Barney and Friends” theme song