Dallas Municipal Archives

Films in this collection were contributed to the library by the Dallas Municipal Archives.

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Texas State Fair (1968)
This silent film documents the Texas State Fair at Fair Park in Dallas. Footage taken from the gr...
Street Talk with the Dallas Park Patrol
Film compilation of members of Dallas Park Patrol carrying out daily duties
Sometimes I Run
Film presenting a portrait of Stanley Maupin, a nighttime sidewalk flusher for the city of Dallas
Shield Over Dallas
Early 1960s film focusing on the everyday duties of the Dallas Police Department which keep the citizenry...
Report to Dallas
1950s-era film from Dallas Citizens Traffic Commission discussing major traffic issues and solutions
Police Surveillance Film of White Rock Lake Riot (1977)
Police surveillance footage of 1972 White Rock Riot
How Motor Cars and Other Living Things Can Find Happiness in the Dallas Freeway System
Educational film providing instructional freeway and motor travel etiquette for Dallas drivers
East Dallas, Summer, 1974
An elderly lifelong resident of East Dallas reminisces about her neighborhood
Dallas Public Services, 1950s
1950s compilation film including numerous public services of the City of Dallas
Dallas Department of Waterworks
This 1950's film compilation provides a look at the inner workings of the City of Dallas Department of Wa...
Dallas City Hall - An Architect's View (1978)
Time lapse photography and narration of Dallas City Hall’s construction, as well as footage from the pub...
City of Dallas Park Departments
Compilation film from Dallas Parks Department of maintenance activities at many parks
Big D
Film where a Dallas sanitation worker finds a magic hat and is transformed into a lively drum major