Mystery Video

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Mystery Video: September 2013
Help us solve this month's mystery: schematics + bikinis = ?
Mystery Video: June 2013
Help us identify the notable Texans featured in this mystery video from the Cactus Pryor Collecti...
Mystery Video: July 2013
Help us identify the notable Texans in this video from the collection of former Texas Governor Ro...
Mystery Video: August 2013
Help us identify the players and coaches in this video of the 1969 UT Longhorns.
Mystery Video: September 2014
Help TAMI identify a small boy and his dog circus!
Mystery Video: October 2014
Mystery Video - the Slim Pickens Edition!
Mystery Video: October 2013
Who is this mystery man? Help us find out!
Mystery Video: November 2014
Watch this fun variety show from 1970 and help TAMI identify the entertaining stage acts, all in ...
Mystery Video: November 2013
What is going on at this UT fashion show? Help us find out!
Mystery Video: May 2014
Help TAMI identify the occasion and attendees at a BBQ at Austin's Driskill Hotel
Mystery Video: March 2014
Help TAMI identify these prominent men who were guests at Governor Sterling and Dolph Briscoe, Sr...
Mystery Video: June 2014
Calling all Ranch-O-Twirl campers! Help TAMI identify the who, what, and when of this video.
Mystery Video: July 2014
Help TAMI identify the when, where, and why of this picturesque film of a trail ride, made by a c...
Mystery Video: January 2015
Help TAMI identify the theater and persons present at a screening of 'Stars Over America' in San ...
Mystery Video: January 2014
Help us fill in the gaps of a story featured in a Universal Newsreel!
Mystery Video: February 2014
A band, ladies and Lone Star, a cowboy gun show, and Hondo Crouch with a coffin! Help the Archiv...
Mystery Video: December 2014
It’s a Merry Mystery Video for the holiday season! This month, watch newsreel footage from a Chil...
Mystery Video: December 2013
Help us identify the UFW civil rights event attended this mass was a part of!
Mystery Video: August 2014
Help TAMI identify the singing acts from a 1960s concert!
Mystery Video: April 2014
Help TAMI identify an unusual parade where people march wearing masks and hoods