Newsreels were produced from 1910 through the 1960s.  With a running time of about ten minutes, they contained multiple news segments covering recent events.  Studios released the newsreels to movie theaters twice a week to run before the feature attraction.

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‘Hell Drivers' Risk Death (1935)
Newsreel footage of extreme sports of the past
White House Country Fair
Newsreel footage of President and Mrs. Johnson holding full scale, old-fashioned “country fair” on South ...
White House Today (1961)
President John F. Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson remark upon the opening of a desalination ...
Weeping Kin Escort Fall to US Prison to Begin Bribe Term
Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall is sent to prison as a result of his involvement in the 1920s Teapo...
Vietnam's Future - Hawaiian Parley Affirms U.S. Aims
Newsreel footage documenting the Vietnam-era summit meeting that leads to the Declaration of Honolulu.
U.S. ‘Quads' Start School
1935 newsreel footage of quadruplet brothers from Beaumont
U.S. and Mexico Settle Border Dispute
Newsreel footage shows Presidents Johnson and Ordaz settling a century old US-Mexican border dispute.
Tornado and Floods Ravage Texas Towns
Silent black and white newsreel combines footage of residents examining tornado damage to their homes wit...
Thousands Flee as Record Flood Rages in Texas
Newsreel footage of extremely high, fast-moving flood waters and the destruction caused to homes and busi...
The Rare Breed - Historical Western Opens in Texas
Newsreel footage of movie premiere in Ft. Worth with Maureen O’Hara and James Stewart in attendance.
The Presidential Race - L.B.J. and Goldwater Hit Campaign Trail (1964)
Universal Newsreel with reports on the 1964 presidential campaign, Hurricane Dora, and the Berlin Police ...
The Johnson Landslide (1964)
Universal Newsreel about the 1964 presidential election, in which incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson won 61 perc...
Texas Dam Big Blast (1937)
Silent newsreel footage of the groundbreaking ceremony at the Mansfield Dam
Texas Blast! (1947)
Newsreel footage capturing the massive explosion that occurred in Texas City on April 16, 1947
Texas Beauty Named Miss Wool (1962)
Newsreel reporting on the Miss Wool of America Pageant of 1962
Texas - Troubled Times in the Southwest
Newsreel footage documents a catastrophic Texas drought.
Terror in Texas - Sniper Kills 15; 33 Wounded
Newsreel footage reporting on the 1966 UT Tower shootings.
Surcharge - President Asks Additional Taxes
Newsreel footage of President Johnson proposing a tax increase
State of the Union - President Calls For Record Budget
Newsreel footage of President Johnson discussing budget needs for Vietnam and the Great Society program.
Sports - Prison Rodeo Thriller (1966)
Convicts ride broncos and bulls in Huntsville's 35th annual Prison Rodeo.
Special Release: President Assassinated (1963)
Special release newsreel immediately following JFK’s assassination
Space Triumph! - U.S. Outstrips Reds with Mighty Saturn (1964)
Universal Newsreel about SA-5, the first launch of the Block II Saturn I launch vehicle
Sole Survivors of ‘Longhorn' Herds End March from Mexico
Universal Newsreel footage of cowboys herding a somewhat gaunt herd of Longhorn cattle through the border...
Smallest Treasurer
Newsreel footage of Charley Lockhart, the shortest man ever to serve as state treasurer
Small Boy Runs Dog Circus
Newsreel footage of a young cowboy's dog circus featuring tightrope walking, high-diving canines and an e...
Seguin War Hero Returns Home
Featured in this 1942 newsreel and silent outtake footage is Captain Alvin Mueller, Jr. returning home to...
Sam Houston Tribute at Texas Centennial
Newsreel footage of Texans celebrating the centennial of their independence
Rolling Tires
Dallas man proudly rolls a line of 20 tire innertubes simultaneously
Rio Grande Valley Stages Colorful Citrus Festival (1939)
Showcase of Mission’s annual Citrus Festival featuring parades, contests, and fashions
Riches Loom for Village Folk in Texas Oil Rush
Film depicting the population explosion in the rural east Texas town of Talco after the discovery of oil ...
Reinforcements by Air and Rail Swell Bonus Army Ranks
Using all manner of transportation, including El Paso Bonus Army airplanes, WWI veterans travel en masse ...
Raymondville Onion Festival
Newsreel footage of Raymondville celebrating the wonders of the onion
Ray Hamilton Captured
Newsreel footage of notorious bank robber and serial killer Ray Hamilton as he is led to jail.
Prison Rodeo
Rodeo clowns share the spotlight at this Huntsville prison rodeo.
Presidential Press Secretary Bill Moyers Resigns
Press Secretary Bill Moyers announces his resignation to become publisher of a Long Island newspaper
Presidential Surgery - Double Operation Complete Success
Newsreel reporting on LBJ's surgery to repair an abdominal hernia and remove tissue from a vocal cord
President's Journey - Asian Nations Welcome LBJ
Newsreel capturing President Johnson's 17-day, six-nation tour of Asian and Pacific nations
Presidential Painting - Portrait Rejected as 'Ugly'
Newsreel footage relating LBJ's disappointment with his official portrait
President Johnson Visited by New Grandson
Newsreel footage showing LBJ playing with 5-month old Patrick Lyndon Nugent
President Johnson Awards Medal of Honor
President Johnson awards Army Sergeant Charles Morris the Medal of Honor for heroism in Vietnam.