Dispatch: November 2013

The Texas Archive of the Moving Image released a new curated collection commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The collection, titled For It to Have Happened in Texas . . . The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, tells the story of the tragedy from a singular perspective: that of Texans themselves. The collection contains TAMI-exclusive footage of Texas Governor John Connally giving his own, very personal account of November 22, 1963, as well as newsreels and home movies made in the immediate aftermath of the assassination, and documentaries and interviews produced years and decades later.

TAMI’s Caroline Frick and Madeline Moya traveled to Richmond, Virginia to attend the annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, of which Frick serves as President. Moya presented on a panel addressing challenges in videotape collections alongside UCLA’s Siobhan Hagan, The New Museum’s Walter Forsberg, and HBO’s Richard Steele. Frick curated and hosted daily plenaries throughout the weeklong conference.

TAMI was referenced in several interesting places this month:

  • Slackerwood’s TAMI Flashback highlighted films found in the new curated collection about the JFK Assassination, accompanied by thoughtful commentary on the poignancy of the films and their historical significance.
  • The new curated collection was also included in a “round-up of resources and archives to assist in understanding the life and legacy of John F. Kennedy as well as the traumatic events of November 22, 1963” presented by the Austin Chronicle.
  • Texas PBS incorporated TAMI videos into their website features on Texas Women and Governor Ann Richards. The Texas Women article features two episodes of The Texas Experience, one about Texas’ Frontier Women and the other about Miriam “Ma” Ferguson, the first female governor of Texas. The Ann Richards article features footage of Richards’ gubernatorial inauguration in 1991 from the Cactus and Peggy Davis Pryor Collection.
  • Slate’s history blog, The Vault, referenced TAMI in an article about the film, Knife Throwing Family, where a mother throws knives at her 5-year-old and 2-year-old daughters in Austin.
  • The Houston Chronicle’s article, “Saddle up for the Texas Prison Rodeo,” features TAMI footage of the Texas State Prison Rodeo in Huntsville in 1966.