Mystery Video: December 2014

It’s a Merry Mystery Video for the holiday season! This month, watch newsreel footage from a Children’s Christmas party at the Johnson White House. Lady Bird and daughter Lynda host the party thrown for children from various Boys Clubs and neighborhood houses. The kids meet Santa, receive gifts, and watch a marionette show. Did you go to this holiday party as a child? Do you know anyone that did? Do you recognize anyone else in the footage? Do you know any other good trivia about the party?

If you want to contribute this month, please leave any information in the comments on the video page or by using our TAMI Tagging system to give us a precise time code for your information. Click on TAMI Tagging and a box will appear for you to enter your descriptive information. Use the Mark Video Segment feature below the video player to add a Begin and End mark to the segment you wish to tag.  Finish by clicking the Tag button.  Because tags and comments are moderated, they will not appear immediately, but information will be updated as soon as possible after receiving your input.

Tell us what you see and check back next month as we continue the Mystery Video series! Remember, you can always help us to identify details by tagging or commenting on any video page. 

Happy Holidays and enjoy tagging and commenting!