Texas Film Round-Up

The Texas Film Round-Up provides FREE digitization for Texas-related films and videos in exchange for the donation of a digital copy of the materials to www.texasarchive.org. Since 2008, the program has provided new access to more than 40,000 films and videos and served hundreds of individuals and institutions. The program is open to home movies, advertisements, local television, community films, and more. Your films and videotapes are valuable records of Texas history and culture, and with your help, our media heritage will be available for future generations to appreciate. 


To qualify, your films and videotapes must:
  • be one of the following formats:
  1. Film: Super 8, 8mm, 16mm
  2. Video: VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Beta-SP, Betamax,
    ¾" U-matic tapes, Hi-8 tapes, 8mm tapes, and mini-DV cassettes
  • relate to the history and culture of Texas because they were filmed in Texas, filmed by a Texan, or featured Texas or Texans,
  • be submitted by the copyright holder, who grants permission for the films/videos to be shared by TAMI, or be in the public domain, and
  • up to 50 film reels* and 10 videotapes per household.
    *The program limit is up to 50 film reels or 3,500 feet of film (whichever is less).

For the free digitization program, TAMI will:

  • inventory your films and videotapes,
  • provide minor cleaning and repairs if necessary,
  • digitize the materials,
  • transfer digital files to a portable drive* that you provide, and
  • return your originals with the portable drive.
    *TAMI will follow up with what hard drive size you will need.

Portable Drives for Your Collection

Once your collection has been digitized, TAMI will follow up with the size of the portable drive you will need to purchase. TAMI recommends USB 3.0 portable drives due to their optimal transfer speeds.

Purchase Options

  1. You can purchase a new portable drive and ship it to our office.
    Please see our address below, and be sure to include your name with the shipment.
  2. You may purchase a new portable drive from TAMI. We offer USB 3.0 drives in a range of sizes, listed below with prices. To purchase, please use the payment portals on our Support Us page.

16GB         $12.00
32GB         $15.00
64GB         $23.00
128GB       $33.00
256GB       $65.00
1TB           $65.00

Additional Transfers

If you purchase more than one portable drive, the cost for additional transfers is $15.00 / each.

Please note, due to high demand, this entire process can take up to six months.

TAMI regrets that it cannot accept:

  • any format not mentioned above, including open reel video or audio tape,
  • copyrighted material (i.e., programs recorded from television or commercial films),
  • videos made for insurance purposes, nor
  • film or videotape deemed in too poor condition for safe transfer.

If your materials are not eligible for the free digitization program, TAMI can advise you on preservation and digitization options. Please call or email TAMI for more information.

Thank You! We appreciate your participation and support.

The Texas Film Round-Up is a partnership between the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, a non-profit educational organization, and the Office of the Governor’s Texas Film Commission. 

The Texas Film Round-Up is the Winner of the 2010 AASLH Leadership in History Award of Merit and Wow Award.