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Teresa Shimek
2018-10-01 19:41:17
The hanging of Joe Shields is a part of my family history as my Great Grandfather, William (Billy Harris) was wrongly accused, tried, and convicted for it. Charles Peddy, a black man was also arrested along with my Great Grandfather. He was also convicted and imprisoned. My Great Grandfather was defended by lawyer James Truitt. His Uncle Fayette Harris was also accused of the crime but was never tried. Thankfully, the guilty party finally confessed and my Great Grandfather received a full pardon from the Governor of Texas, Charles Culberson. My Great Grandfather and his wife Lillie Kate Bell, later moved and settled near George West Texas. There are many errors in the recollection of those that had the story handed down to them. For one, Joe Shields mother did not find him, Fayette Harris" mother-in- law, Mrs. Pinson is the one who found Joe Shields. Joe Shields actually worked for Mrs. Pinson. Asked why the trial was moved, it was because the defendant would not have received a fair trial there.