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Suzanne Guenter Bertness
2019-09-16 22:36:01
I know missionary Abe Guenter did some flying for LeTourneau while this place was in the making. I don"t remember the details, as I was very young at the time, but I remember getting the impression that the big machinery got bogged down in the rainy season and all was abandoned before long. Dad was able to salvage some things from there for our mission i.e. some metal that made lovely church bells!
David Henke
2019-07-02 20:16:21
I spent two years, 1956-58, at Tournata. Two of the best years of my life. It was like the adventures of Tom Sawyer for a kid that age. Mary (Knowles) Villaume, where are you today? I am in Columbus, GA.I looked for you on Facebook but no luck. I would love to visit Tournata today. It seems like it would be an excellent place for a mission base with Bible school to train Liberian nationals, vacation spot for missionaries and others, and a school for MKs. It seems a waste that it has declined so much. Did the civil wars impact it?
Randy LeTourneau
2018-08-16 21:51:48
Mary Villaume, I just returned from Liberia and I was able to go down and make it to Tourna Ta. There is a road, but it is not for the faint of heart and it takes 2 hours from Greenville, which is the main town in Sinoe. Tourna Ta was just stunningly beautiful there on the beach. Most of the buildings are all down. Only thing standing is one wood house, the main house down at the south end of town, and the big church. Only the wood house is being used currently. I found an old man that asked about your dad (Walt Knowles) as he remembered your dad. It was such a joy to visit.
mary villaume
2018-08-13 14:25:46
I lived in Tournata from 1958-1962 and 1965-66. My father was Walter Knowles who directed the venture during those years. We left for the last time in 1966. The area was razed during the civil war. I have returned to Monrovia since (2007) but have never been able to return to Baffu Bay. Do not know if there are any roads there yet.
Aberdeen F. Gargli
2018-07-09 12:04:21
I have just wateched the film. It"s quite interesting. However, what happened after the settlement of the white folks at Tournata is missing. Could someone please inform on this? Was the mission of industrial and missionary work achieved, and to what extent? What were the impact on the local people and Liberia at large?
cyrus gray
2017-06-22 20:34:53
I am exceedingly excited by the existance of this video. I am a Liberia author (Book: Negro Nation) doing my second book on Liberia covering 1900 to 1980. I have been trying to research materials on R.G. LeTourneau and came upon this video. I will attempt to contact the Museum and hope to travel to Long View to research more about Robert LeTourneau and Baffu Bay, Liberia. I will be delighted to talk to you, George Walters, and anyone who can be of help unearthing materials about LeTourneau and his work in Liberia. I also like to make contact with any LeTourneau foundation or historian willing to share materials about this great man of God and American. Please feel free to reach me at Thanks
George L Walters
2017-04-18 15:12:38
I have enjoyed so much this video. I was 9 years old standing on the river bank watching this. Thanks for this priceless walk through history. The great commission being fulfilled by preaching the Gospel and providing for the needs of the people. Thanks George L. Walters