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Deirdre Conway
2019-08-18 15:33:20
This film was shot with 100% Port Aransas footage. Many of the students shown were my classmates, including my older brother. I believe I"m in one of the classroom shots when we are working on a paper.
Ethan Thompson
2019-08-18 14:30:20
This is a great film of Port Aransas in the 1970s. The school scenes are not King High School. They are 100% Brundrett Middle School in Port Aransas, likely prior to the opening of the high school in 1978. The exterior outdoor hallways border on a fenced in kindergarten playground. The interiors include the boys bathroom and band hall, then classrooms, and a small band hall practice room. The exterior hallways no longer exist there. Then we see Fisherman"s Wharf, and a lot of great signage of local businesses, some of which still exist. The film returns to exterior shots of the middle school, the Presbyterian church, then the restaurant Manjo"s. Lots of great footage of local kids. We still ate lunch in high school at Manjo"s in the early 90s.