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2018-09-09 15:58:21
I have 4 paintings signed by Paul Tilley. 1 in the original frame, the others were re-framed years ago due to the poor condition of the original frames. Finding information about the artist is rather difficult. The information above was great. Any suggestions on where I can learn more?
Karen Newland
2016-02-03 00:34:06
I have an original ocean shore line oil painting that my in-laws bought for Paul Tilley in Laguna Beach in 1962. It"s signed and dated. I would like to know more about Mr Tilley. My mother-in-law tells me he won several awards and was commissioned by famous people for his paintings.
william c. raridan
2015-11-10 22:33:32
Interesting to see my 3rd/4th cousins. Their mom my great aunt.