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Alan Waters
2019-05-15 18:19:29
Question. I was watching "Fighting Lady" on YouTube and suddenly realised that the gun camera film was colour and how much more helpful it must have been to combat analysts than black-and-white. Do you know when the USN adopted it? Was there a simultaneous decision by the USAAF and Marines? I thought in that age of Kodachrome that colour took a lot longer to process than black-and-white so in that respect its use is a surprise. Or was it issued specially for the film? Seems unlikely, but it is an interesting question!
Hugh Foster
2014-03-17 21:38:56
Hi! I"m trying to locate some 16mm film (actual film, not video) from gun cameras in Europe in WWII. Does NOT have to be original, but does need to be a film version. Any suggestions? Thanks, Hugh LTC, USA (Ret.)