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david jones
2018-10-13 08:31:01
The family goes back for generations here in Tyler, this is wonderful, if not also a bit corny. So many landmarks are still around, it"s a real treat for anyone of the area that has the patience.
LaRue Foster
2015-10-25 02:23:50
It brings back my own youth. In 1955 I was a junior in high school. I"ve forwarded this link to my own kids so they can see what life was like then. The film made one very important point briefly near the beginning. In the 1930s, there was never a Depression in Tyler due to the oil boom. My parents" generation never knew the uncertainty and fears that infected the rest of the country and bred a generation that was confident and self-assured. That affected the way my generation was raised by such parents.
Marcus L. Johnston
2015-06-23 19:16:14
Wow, just saw this film on cable. As a 9 year old at this time, 1955 I remember much of this. Started taking photos of Tyler in 1956 and 1957. I"m sure no other film on Tyler has or ever will, rival this one. Really good!! ragu
2013-03-23 20:04:20
Saw this and thought it was really interesting. I remember way to much of it