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Michael W Kohler
2018-11-15 00:40:25
Dan Blocker 'Hoss' was a favorite character of mine on Bonanza. I anxiously waited every Sunday evening to see each new episode. I never knew he was politically active. At the time of this interview I was 12 years old. I am so glad that I got to see this film. I was indeed very sad when I heard about Dan Blockers death. I still watch episodes of Bonanza today.
Dana West
2018-06-17 10:34:29
I have never seen this interview and it was really amazing to watch and to see how Dan Blocker was a political activist. Interesting note I never watched an episode of Bonanza with the character Adam I was too young..I grew up with the other Cartwright men :) Who I adored as a young child...
Marcel H. DeCruyenaere from California
2016-10-13 21:52:21
Thank you for posting these important historical films and shows! As a kid, I always liked Dan Blocker and Bonanza, and remember being sad when he died. It"s always especially sad when someone dies at a younger age but always special when there is some great audio, film, photos, or a book left behind. It"s always great to hear more about the person behind the actor, to find out what they were about and believed in besides the character they are playing and that we got to know them as. It"s fantastic that the internet allows us, now rather easily, to find great old interviews and background info on historical and current people and events. And to re-show so many film clips like this, that for the most part, were for years just sitting somewhere in a file cabinet gathering dust. I feel there can never be enough interviews sharing the wisdom of those who have gone before us. I am working on filming some now, and of course a google search brought me to your site. Dan Blocker said (3min. mark) there is 'Now there is a political awakening in our profession.' There sure has been, looking back at Hollywood and politics from 1965 to 2016! I look forward to looking over some more things in your archive. I am immediately interested when some personality from Texas, named 'Cactus', has some well thought out interviews with interesting people! 9:10min. Mr. Blocker says 'I am a professional Texan. ...Proud to be Texan.' Great interview and thanks again to Caroline Frick and TAMI. Great idea and non-profit org! I have been thinking there needs to be something like that in my area to gather and share some of the old home movies and other media with the historical voices and films from our own home towns and counties in California.... and every state and province for that matter.
2014-07-16 18:19:27
Smart articulate educated man as opposed to Hoss the oaf with a big heart. Many of the things he said about actors entering the political realm came to pass i.e. Acting President Ronnie Reagan. Blocker died much too soon before he could have led a post-Bonanza career. RIP, sir.
Cristi Bracken-Asher
2013-06-14 01:32:55
I enjoyed listening to this.