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Nita Craig Edwards
2019-03-27 00:13:43
My grandfather was named 'Man of the Year' by the Dallas Traffic Commission in 1960. He had been promoted in the Dallas County Sheriff"s Department 4 times in his career. I wanted to see if I could get a copy of this award or his promotions for my family to have. My grandfather was Roger Dean Craig Sr. I would appreciate any help with my families attempt to remember a loved one. Thank you Nita Craig Edwards
Dee Richter
2015-04-02 19:28:42
At 05:03 I recognize Carl F. Hansson on the left as he speaks with a police officer. Mr. Hansson was Chief of Police for Dallas Police Department until he resigned in 1960. He then accepted a position as director of the Citizens Traffic Commission before becoming the Chief of Police for Mesquite Police Department in 1961.
James Davenport
2014-02-27 22:14:45
Great film... thank you!