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Jamie Acres
2018-04-24 03:48:33
Patricia, if you go to you will find the names of the 2 Duncan children killed in the explosion. So sorry.
2018-04-17 17:34:20
I would like to know the names of the children killed. I supposed to have a half brother and sister who was killed in the school explosion. Their last name would have been Duncan children of Claude Cleveland Duncan SR.
2017-06-05 19:58:12
My mother who is 85 years old told me about this event last night. She said she was 5 years old picking cotton at a nearby farm when she heard the explosion. She said my grandfather wanted to go and help but was prohibited from leaving the fields as Blacks were discouraged to help. Mother said she could hear the children screams from where she was and sat in the field and cried. She"s never forgotten the sound of the cries of the children. This is the first time my mother has told of this event. Very sad indeed!
2017-05-06 15:08:32
It is a sad tradgy.
2016-03-22 04:08:07
Paula, I have heard you speak of this often and remember you speaking of your father having such a hard time and how it affected the family.