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Anthony Dix
2015-02-27 17:15:13
Ms. Lester, In December of 1935, John Osteen (b. 1921) was 14 years old and almost certainly living in North Texas, probably around Paris (his hometown) or Fort Worth (where he dropped out of high school). According to him, he didn"t take up religion until 1939. Hope this helps.
Rosemary L. Lester
2014-02-13 18:28:22
I"m trying to find out some information about the involvement and help given by Pastor John (?) Osteen (father of Joel Osteen) during the flood of 1935 in Houston, Texas. I"m looking for the name of his church, his church"s involvement, sermons during the time, quotes by Pastor Osteen during the time of the Flood of 1935,or any information someone might have. Thank you very much!!!
Richard Schulte
2013-07-06 16:37:49
This really brings back memories of Houston Texas. We lived at the Tennison Hotel across from Southern Pacific Railroad station on Washington Ave.. The Mc Atee hotel was on the other side of the Railroad Station.