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Texas Department of Public Safety - 1/4 Century Club (1964)

Texas Department of Public Safety Historical Museum and Research Center

Sound | 1964

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  •  Colonel Homer Garrison Jr., Director of the Department of Public Safety 
  •  Captain M.T. “Lone Wolf” Gonzaullas, legendary TX Ranger, said to have killed 31 men during his three decade career. 
  •  E.K. Browning, Jr., while captain of the Austin district of the TX Highway Patrol was part of the state security force for Lyndon B. Johnson and his ranch in Johnson City while LBJ was Senator, Vice-President and President. 
  •  Pat Spear, future Director of the DPS, succeeded Garrison. 
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On February 7, 1964 the eighth annual meeting of the Quarter Century Club of the Texas Department of Public Safety was held. In this footage from that meeting Colonel Homer Garrison Jr. – the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety – shakes hands with the men and women who had devoted at least twenty five years of service to the Department of Public Safety. Each member of the club shakes Garrison’s hand while introducing themselves, telling of the department in which they served, and citing the date when they began working for the Department of Public Safety.
Colonel Homer Garrison Jr.'s lifelong Texas law enforcement career began at age 19 (shortly after graduating from Lufkin High School), when he was appointed deputy sheriff of Angelina County. In 1930, he joined the newly forming Texas Highway Patrol. When the Texas Highway Patrol became part of the Texas Department of Public Safety in 1935, Col. Garrison became the new agency's first assistant director. In 1938, his role changed to director of the DPS and chief of the Texas Rangers, a position he held until his death in 1968. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum at Fort Fisher is named for him.
Established by the Texas Legislature on August 10, 1935, the Texas Department of Public Safety was created by the consolidation of the Texas Highway Motor Patrol with the Texas Rangers. Since that time, its duties have grown to include such activities as the state licensing of drivers, vehicle inspection, narcotics enforcement, and the State Civil Defense Office, (now the Division of Emergency Management,) which aids local governments during times of natural disaster or social upheaval. While its duties have evolved over time, the mission of the DPS has remained constant - to provide public safety services to those people in the state of Texas by enforcing laws, administering regulatory programs, managing records, educating the public, and managing emergencies, both directly and through interaction with other agencies.
Texas Department of Public Safety
Homer Garrison
Garrison, Homer
Homer Garrison, Jr.
Garrison, Homer, Jr.
Colonel Homer Garrison, Jr.
Col. Homer Garrison, Jr.
Colonel Garrison
Col. Garrison
police officers
police officer
law enforcement
Texas Ranger
Texas Rangers
assistant director
highway patrol
George Moorehand
Moorehand, George
Guy Smith
Smith, Guy
Harry Hutchison
Hutchison, Harry
Al Ross
Ross, Al
M.T. Gonzaullas
M.T. “Lone Wolf” Gonzaullas
Manuel Trazazas Gonzaullas
Captain M.T. Gonzaullas
Captain M.T. “Lone Wolf” Gonzaullas
Gonzaullas, M.T.
Gonzaullas, Manuel Trazazas
Ernest Daniel
Daniel, Ernest
Levi Duncan
Duncan, Levi
Royal Phillips
Phillips, Royal
Royal G. Phillips
Phillips, Royal G.
Don Moffatt
Moffatt, Don
Captain Don Moffatt
Jimmy Mason
Mason, Jimmy
James A. Mason
Mason, James A.
G.P. Townsend
Homer Spellman
Spellman, Homer
Homer Bailey
Bailey, Homer
C.A. Cockrell, Jr.
Cockrell, C.A., Jr.
L.C. Evans
Evans, L.C.
C.C. Beardon
C.C. Bearden
Bearden, C.C.
Luther Moore
Moore, Luther
E.G. Fitcher
Fitcher, E.G.
Nathan Smith
Smith, Nathan
Herbert Weeks
Weeks, Herbert
Captain Herbert Weeks
Glen Rose
Rose, Glen
Ray Bullock
Bullock, Ray
K.B. Hallmark
Hallmark, K.B.
D.W. Hicks
Hicks, D.W.
W.J. Elliot
Elliot, W.J.
Joe Fletcher
Fletcher, Joe
Glen Warner
Warner, Glen
Bob Crowder
Crowder, Bob
Lloyd Webb
Webb, Lloyd
Ben Kruger
Kruger, Ben
Trenton Horton
Horton, Trenton
Bob Hammet
Hammet, Bob
C.R. Russell
Russell, C.R.
J.W. Blackwell
Blackwell, J.W.
Alan Johnson
Johnson, Alan
J.L. Rodgers
Rodgers, J.L.
J.R. Twitmire
Twitmire, J.R.
Ivan Lawrence
Lawrence, Ivan
Sam Gardner
Gardner, Sam
J.T. Ellison
Ellison, J.T.
C.G. Connor
Connor, C.G.
Tom Laws
Laws, Tom
Chief Tom Laws
Ed Majors
Majors, Ed
Bill Harris
Harris, Bill
Jack Sutherland
Sutherland, Jack
Everett Brandon
Brandon, Everett
Jack Christian
Christian, Jack
B.J. Patterson
Patterson, B.J.
Carl Benson
Benson, Carl
Joel Tisdale
Tisdale, Joel
Eddie Oliver
Oliver, Eddie
Raymond Ruth
Ruth, Raymond
Red Hunter
“Red” Hunter
W.A. Jacob
Jacob, W.A.
J.B. Carlisle
Carlisle, J.B.
Weldon Miller
Miller, Weldon
Max Westerman
Westerman, Max
Naomi Conway
Conway, Naomi
Geri Holland
Holland, Geri
Hazel Buffalo
E.F. Temple
Temple, E.F.
W.S. Butler
Butler, W.S.
E.L. Stroud
Stroud, E.L.
M.K. Dickson
Dickson, M.K.
George Roach
Roach, George
John Marions
Marions, John
E.K. Browning, Jr.
Edward Kendrick Browning, Jr.
Browning, E.K., Jr.
Browning, Edward Kendrick, Jr.
Pat Spear
Spear, Pat