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Better Basketball for Boys

Robert H. Frye


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  •  After the basketball-playing boys make an injurious pass to one of their softer, rounder, friends, a referee steps in to explain how to play “Easy Toss, No Run, Soft-Basketball” 
  •  The boys read the instructions on keeping a tidy appearance while playing basketball and take heed 
  •  Next, the rules inexplicably indicate that a basketball should be about as hard as “a well-cooked bean” 
  •  The boys receive some shocking news 
  •  A surprising turn of events! 
  •  Look who rolls up! 
  •  Drawing thoughtfully on his pipe, Dad delivers lengthy lecture 
  •  Epilogue 
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This humorous film is a spoof of an educational film, inspired by those the filmmakers watched in school. Titled "Better Sports for Boys" and presented by the Sanitary Film Company, a group of boys gathers for a game of basketball and consult rules for the game that give advice ranging from the suggested distance for passing to proper attire for playing the game. What follows is a screwball comedy of sorts as the boys attempt to play the game only to be disrupted by a group of flirtatious girls, a newspaper headline proclaiming “Boy, 12, Killed in Basketball Accident,” a car that – literally – flattens the boys, and a stern lecture from Dad about the way the game is played. The film terminates with a note that informs the viewer that all of the boys now drive gasoline trucks for the army. This film was written and directed by Austin and Richard Jernigan, frequent collaborators of donor Bob Frye who stars as Jeff.