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The Dow Chemical Collection - Historical Footage of Lake Jackson and Freeport (1978)

Lake Jackson Historical Museum

Silent | 1978

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  •  Images of Freeport, Texas 
  •  Ferry ferrying truck across river 
  •  Dead sawfish being cut up 
  •  Surveying the land for a chemical plant 
  •  Flowers of Freeport Texas 
  •  Construction begins on Freeport Plant 
  •  Large construction equipment 
  •  Silo construction and plant building construction 
  •  Large pipe construction 
  •  Holding tank construction 
  •  Worker’s living facilities 
  •  Construction of worker’s living facilities 
  •  Clearing of wild and brush areas for plant construction 
  •  Killing a snake and other wildlife 
  •  Family housing 
  •  Paving new roads and building living facilities 
  •  Clearing land for construction 
  •  Housing construction 
  •  Family life in the family housing facilities 
  •  Dredging land in the brush for building 
  •  Very large crane 
  •  Bulldozing brush 
  •  School and community life in Freeport including dances and parades and fishing and BBQ 
  •  African American men responsible for the preparation of Barbecue. 
  •  Community events and life in Freeport 
  •  Parade in Freeport, children riding bicycles 
  •  Horseback riding in the brush 
  •  Rodeo and carnival events in Freeport 
  •  Cowboys in Freeport 
  •  Chemical plant nearing completion 
  •  Chemical plant up and running 
  •  Awards ceremony for newly completed chemical plant 
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This unedited footage, likely shot by Dow Chemical Company for promotional purposes, captures scenes of the Freeport and Lake Jackson area during its initial development in the 1940s. Scenes of plant construction, housing construction, and recreational activities are included.
Dow Chemical, headquartered in Midland, Michigan, is one of the world’s largest chemical companies with numerous plants and facilities all over the world. Dow Chemical’s involvement in Texas began in 1940 with the construction of the Freeport Plant in Freeport, Texas. This plant was primarily tasked with extracting magnesium from sea water, a much needed resource America's military effort in World War II. The development of the city of Lake Jackson, which served as a home for Dow employees, coincided with the construction of the Freeport Plant and as such share a mutual history. Dow Chemical in Freeport became part of a larger transformation of the Texas Coast into a major center of the oil and chemical industry.