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Plants, Products, and People

Lake Jackson Historical Museum

Sound | 1960s

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  •  Plants, Products, and People introduction to Dow Chemical and its work 
  •  Ethylene products produced in Michigan and Texas 
  •  Meeting of Caustic Group responsible for Caustic Soda production 
  •  Ion Exchange Resin production plants “Dowex” 
  •  Vinyltoluene plant in Midland, Michigan 
  •  Latex Plant in Sarnia, Ontario 
  •  Styron made in Midland and California for plastic molding 
  •  Saran factory producing saran wrap in Michigan 
  •  Uses of Saran plastic 
  •  Research at Dow 
  •  W.R. Beasely Research in Texas 
  •  Midland Library for research and patent office 
  •  Agricultural chemicals used in citrus fruit and weed killing 
  •  Signal Field Oil Field used by Dow 
  •  Magnesium factory in Madison, Illinois 
  •  Petroleum industry trucks 
  •  Transportation systems owned by Dow 
  •  Dow Chemical Purchasing Department 
  •  Oyster shell delivery in Freeport, Texas 
  •  Dow Teletype Network 
  •  Dow International Sales 
  •  The people of Dow 
  •  Texas Division Ten Year Working Award Photo 
  •  Dow Recreation Activities 
  •  Dow Facilities in Los Angeles 
  •  Dow Facilities in Texas 
  •  Family picnics in Texas 
  •  Michigan facilities 
  •  Midland Michigan communities 
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This industrial film is a “pictorial report” on how the three featured elements--Plants, Products, and People--work together to make Dow Chemical a successful company. Scenes include plants in Midland, Michigan; Freeport, Texas; Europe and more. Products of note include cattle chemicals that kill pests living on cattle, anti-freeze, and petroleum products. The narrator reports that Dow Chemical’s plants represent “towers of strength” in a changing world.
Dow Chemical, headquartered in Midland, Michigan, is one of the world’s largest chemical companies with numerous plants and facilities all over the world. Dow Chemical’s involvement in Texas began in 1940 with the construction of the Freeport Plant in Freeport, Texas. This plant was primarily tasked with extracting magnesium from sea water, a much needed resource America's military effort in World War II. The development of the city of Lake Jackson, which served as a home for Dow employees, coincided with the construction of the Freeport Plant and as such share a mutual history. Dow Chemical in Freeport became part of a larger transformation of the Texas Coast into a major center of the oil and chemical industry.