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The Graham Collection - Assembly Line and Plow Production (1955)

Cathy Morrow

No Sound on Film | 1955

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  •  Loading up the trucks 
  •  Crane 
  •  Loading a flatbed 
  •  Plow tilling a field 
  •  Farmer adjusts the plow 
  •  Blades on a conveyer belt 
  •  Working bundling the blades 
  •  Removing tempered blades from the fire conveyor belt 
  •  Attaching blades to the hooked conveyer belt 
  •  Cutting the blades 
  •  Cutting the blades cont. 
  •  Putting the blades in the fire 
  •  Machine forges the blades’ shape 
  •  Blades are re-fired 
  •  Worker and machine bend the blades 
  •  Holes punched in the blade 
  •  Quenching the blades 
  •  Machine shaves the blade to sharpen it 
  •  Machine creates springs 
  •  Machine bends metal into chisel 
  •  Worker adjusts the chisel 
  •  Checking the gauges 
  •  Blueprints being drawn 
  •   Pressing buttons to start the cleaning process 
  •  Machine bending a beam 
  •  Snowstorm outside the factory  
  •  Soldering 
  •  Staking the frames and cleaning them 
  •  Completed plow on the farm 
  •  Plow's collapsable wings 
  •  Weldin 
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This industrial film footage captures the manufacturing process for the Graham-Hoeme Plow at the company’s factory in Amarillo. All stages of production are captured from forging, soldering, and assembly to blueprint sketching and loading on to trucks. The film portrays the technology used to build the plows as well as the workers that ran the machines. It also includes footage of the finished product in use on a farm.
Touted as “The Plow to Save the Plains” the Graham-Hoeme Chisel Plow, named jointly for its inventor Fred Hoeme (of Hooker, OK) and the Amarillo-based corporation that manufactured and distributed it, helped control the effects of wind erosion during the seven-year drought of the 1950s.