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Interstellar Journey: Lorg’s Chamber, Part II

O’Brien Stanley


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  •  Captain Powers and Lt. Comm. Traft are prisoners on Lorg’s planet 
  •  Powers briefly contacts the USS Constitution 
  •  Lorg addresses the USS Constitution 
  •  Powers meets an old ally, now turned enemy 
  •  Back on the USS Constitution 
  •  Powers recognizes alien symbols 
  •  Powers meets Lorg 
  •  Acting captain’s log 
  •  Powers overpowers Potemkin and contacts the USS Constitution 
  •  The Constitution heads towards Powers 
  •  Lorg explains everything to Powers 
  •  USS Constitution searches for the planet’s power 
  •  Powers overpowers the android 
  •  Powers and Lorg face each other 
  •  Powers returns 
  •  The ship plots a new course 
  •  Closing credits 
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“Space: the final frontier.” These are the famous words uttered by Captain James T. Kirk in the opening sequence of Star Trek: The Original Series. Originally broadcasted in 1966, the three-season-long series recounts the numerous adventures of the crew of the Starship Enterprise as they venture into deep space. This amateur film series tells a similar, if alternative, story: “Interstellar Journey.” The films follow the crew of the USS Constitution, led by Captain John Powers, Lt. Comm. Travis, Lt. Comm. Mathews, and Lt. Comm. Traft, as they search for new life in outer space. Each episode was filmed, directed, produced, and acted by five young friends in Nacogdoches. This installment, “Lorg’s Chamber,” sees the USS Constitution crew defeat the alien leader, Lorg. O’Brien Stanley, who plays Captain Powers, later became a professor at Lamar University, focusing in film and video production, popular culture, and science fiction.