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St. Paul Hospital Cafeteria (1966)

Dallas Firefighters Museum

Silent | 1966

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  •  A worker carries trays of canned food 
  •  A woman walks through the kitchen during an inspection 
  •  Behold the Radarange, the first commercially available microwave in the United States built by Raytheon. Raytheon is now a major U.S. defense contractor, specializing in weapons and commercial electronics. It is the world’s largest producer of guided missiles. 
  •  A man looks through dry storage 
  •  A cook makes a burger 
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This 1966 footage captures the dietary of St. Paul Hospital. Established in 1896, the hospital was the oldest privately owned hospital in Dallas. The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent Dunne, a Catholic group of sisters specializing in health care administration, opened the hospital at the bequest of Catholic Bishop Edward Joseph Dunne. Two sisters traveled 1,200 miles by covered wagon from Emmitsburg, Maryland, to Texas to start the hospital, which at the time, was located inside a small cottage. In 1963, a new, modernized building opened its doors. The facility was demolished in 2015. This film captures an inspection and new technology in the hospital cafeteria, including a Radarange microwave.
The Dallas Firefighters Museum’s film collection captures a variety of activities performed by the Dallas Firefighters.  While a few films focus on fire fighting and training, most feature community events such as the fair, toy repair, pump races, and even a Miss Flame pageant.
The Dallas Firefighter's Museum is housed in one of the city's oldest fire stations; the building served as a working fire station from the time it was built in 1907 until 1975, when the museum took over. The museum aims to preserve the rich history of the Dallas Fire Department through exhibits and educational experiences. The museum’s primary goal is to teach fire safety to children and widen its outreach to the Dallas community. Visit their website at http://www.dallasfiremuseum.com.