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The Weidman Collection - Hurricane Alicia (1983)

Larry Weidman

Sound | 1983

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  •  A-News, 8/16/83: KPRC’s Dan O’Rourke reports from Galveston on hurricane preparations 
  •  11th Hour, 8/16/83: NBC News’ Larry Weidman on preparations in Corpus Christi and Galveston 
  •  A-News, 8/17/83: Dan O’Rourke gives an update on weather conditions in Galveston as the storm makes its approach 
  •  11th Hour, 8/17/83: Dan O’Rourke checks in with evacuees amid the state of emergency 
  •  KPRC Big 2 News at 10pm, 8/17/83: Meteorologist Doug Johnson forecasts where and when the storm will make landfall. Anchor Ron Stone reviews evacuation efforts. Reporter Rosa Linda Perez talks about many Galveston residents’ reluctance to leave. 
  •  NBC News at Sunrise, 8/18/83: Anchor Connie Chung talks with Dan O’Rourke in Galveston about conditions in the city after Alicia made landfall 
  •  A-News, 8/18/83: KPRC’s Paula Zahn reports from Houston on the damage in Galveston and Houston 
  •  A-News, 8/18/83: KPRC’s Larry Audas reports from Baytown 
  •  A-News, 8/19/83: Paula Zahn reports on the return of Galveston residents and the presence of National Guard troops 
  •   A-News, 8/22/83: KPRC’s Susan Starnes reports from Houston on Galveston’s attempts to pick up the pieces 
  •  A-News, 8/22/83: Dan O’Rourke talks with Galveston residents who lost their homes and businesses 
  •  A-News, 8/23/83: Larry Weidman reports from Houston on a flooded neighborhood in Baytown and applying for federal assistance in Galveston 
  •  The Today Show, 8/24/83: Larry Weidman reports from Houston on the scene in Galveston and Baytown 
  •  NBC Overnight, 8/17/83: Anchor Linda Ellerbee talks with Dan O’Rourke about the storm as it moves towards shore. O’Rourke then throws to KPRC coverage from Big 2 News’ 10pm broadcast. Following the segment, Ellerbee asks O’Rourke about the Galveston Seawall and why residents might choose not to evacuate. 
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This compilation reel aggregates NBC News and Big 2 News stories about Hurricane Alicia. Broadcast on Houston’s KPRC and a variety of NBC programs between August 16 to 24, 1983, the reel provides a complete look at television coverage from before, during, and after the storm. Segments marked “A-News” were produced by the NBC News Affiliate Service for local affiliates. Those marked “11th Hour” were fed to NBC affiliate stations for 10 or 11pm newscasts. Hurricane Alicia made landfall on Galveston Island as a Category 3 storm on August 18, 1983. As the system moved inland, the eye passed just west of downtown Houston. Causing $3 billion in damage, Alicia was the costliest tropical cyclone in US history at the time.