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Austin Clips Reel 1965-1966

Gordon Wilkison

No Sound on Film | 1965 | 1966

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  •  DPS officer investigates a traffic crash. 
  •  Shriner motorcycle teams practice precision riding routines (a competition?) in the east parking lot of Palmer Auditorium. 
  •  Longhorn Band Director Vincent R. DiNino, wearing the "T" baseball cap, is shown along with band members.  Clark Field's famed "Billy Goat Hill" is visible in the background. 
  •  Longhorn Band marching practice at the old Clark Field, north of Memorial Stadium.   
  •  This practice is early in the school year; freshman band members are still wearing their beanies. 
  •  Vincent DiNino, LHB director from 1955 to 1974. 
  •  Austin policemen direct traffic on southbound Interregional Highway (I-35) after a multi-car accident at about 11th Street. 
  •  Northbound on Lavaca Street approaching 12th. First United Methodist Church portico is visible at right. 
  •  KTBC-TV news anchor Neal Spelce(?) 
  •  Auto wreck at the corner of 15th and Rio Grande Streets. 
  •  Visible at the top of the hill is the D. Haskell Caswell house. At this time, 15th Street stopped at West Avenue. The house, which belonged to a son of Daniel Caswell, was demolished when the 15th Street Extension bridge was built. 
  •  Extinguishing and investigating a carport fire. Burned lawn tools can be seen. 
  •  Possibly a reception on the University of Texas campus. 
  •  University of Texas Chancellor Harry H. Ransom (at right, in heavy-rim glasses) greets guests in the receiving line 
  •  University of Texas football coach Darrell K. Royal 
  •  Austin Police officer responds to an incident. 
  •  Breaking and unloading a pistol picked up from the street 
  •  Possibly a public bid opening for building construction; note roll (of plans?) on the table. 
  •  Investigating a fire in a dropped ceiling 
  •  Robert Mueller Municipal Airport terminal building 
  •  U. S. Senator Ralph Yarborough holds a news conference. 
  •  Campfire Girls (Bluebirds?) plant a tree on the grounds of Palmer Auditorium. 
  •  Band students waiting to audition/compete. Possibly a UIL event. 
  •  Third-floor hallway/lounge in the Texas Union. 
  •  Band students waiting to audition/compete. Possibly a UIL event. 
  •  A handcuffed man is escorted through the Travis County courthouse halls. 
  •  Legislative hearing(?) 
  •  Nighttime auto wreck at 12th and Chestnut Streets in East Austin. 
  •  University of Texas bonfire and pep rally before the Texas A&M game. 
  •  UT football announcer Wally Pryor acts as master of ceremonies 
  •  Auto wreck at the Southern Pacific railroad crossing on Koenig Lane near Airport Boulevard 
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This footage, shot for local television affiliates, represents a slice of life in Austin from 1965 - 1966. Shots of everything from car wrecks to girl scouts to legislative hearings reveal the rich diversity of life in Austin.
Gordon Wilkison began work as a cameraman at the local Austin television station KTBC (now FOX 7) during 1952, its first year of operation.  At the time the station was owned by the Texas Broadcasting Company, which was owned by Senator Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson. This relationship would continue to shape Wilkison's career well into the next decades - during the Johnson administration, Wilkison covered the president's visits to Texas, preparing material for national and international news correspondents. 
A particularly notable moment in his career occurred on August 1, 1966, when Wilkison and KTBC reporter Neal Spelce risked their lives to capture footage of the Tower shooting at the University of Texas. 
Wilkison was also the General Manager of Photo Processors at the LBJ Broadcasting Corporation, which he later took over and renamed Cenetex Film Labs. In addition to his camera work and film processing, his work at the station also included direction of a number of television film productions.
Outside of KTBC, Wilkison shot, edited, and processed Longhorn football game footage for the University of Texas, a partnership that lasted nearly 30 years.    
Recognizing the historical value of film and news footage, Wilkison kept the material, later contributing hundreds of reels to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image's collection.