Dr Pepper

Initially called a “Waco,” after the city in which it was created, Dr Pepper was developed in 1885 by Charles Alderton, a pharmacist at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store.  Store owner Wade Morrison approved of the drink and is credited with coining the name Dr. Pepper (the period was removed in the 1950s.) From its humble soda-fountain beginnings Dr Pepper has spread to all corners of the globe, but the beverage’s Texas roots remain: the official Dr Pepper museum is located in Waco; and Dublin, Texas, boasts the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant, in continuous operation since 1891.

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Visual Presentations Ad Reel, no. 1
Ad reel featuring commercials produced by Dallas-based firm Visual Presentations for a variety of clients
Dr Pepper Commercial, no. 3
Have a ball with Dr Pepper and ice cream
Dr Pepper Commercial, no. 2
Dick Clark promotes an alternative to a refreshing icy Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Commercial, no. 1
Dr Pepper commercial offers a “pro-special” Rawlings football autographed by Don Meredith for only $3.75!