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Collection of Forest Fire Prevention Television Film Spots

Texas Forest Service


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  •  These men are about to break the law 
  •  Once upon a time, this was a Southern recreation area 
  •  Rod Sterling says that anyone who handles fire is a potential killer 
  •  Smoke jumpers fight the war at home 
  •  Bullwinkle does not play with matches 
  •  You can grow a country in the time it takes to grow a tree 
  •  Smokers are the deadliest animal in the forest 
  •  A wildfire is illegal, no matter how it starts 
  •  Accident or arson, the results are the same 
  •  Forest fires destroy more land than 90 hydrogen bombs 
  •  Matches do not start forest fires, people do 
  •  Damage by woods arsonists can be counted in the millions 
  •  Any fire in the woods is potential dynamite 
  •  An out-of-control forest fire is one of the most devastating and needless things you will ever see 
  •  Think before you strike 
  •  The domino effect 
  •  John Wayne explains what a forest fire looks like through an animal's eyes 
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Compiled in this film are television spots from ca. 1970 that promote fire safety and the prevention of forest fires. Many of the clips include famous fire prevention character, Smokey Bear.

Established as a result of the organization of the Texas Forest Association in 1914 and the forestry law passed by the Texas legislature in 1915, the Texas Forest Service is directed by a state forester appointed by the board of directors of Texas A&M University. When it was founded, the objectives of the Texas Forest Service (TFS) were to persuade and aid private owners of forest land in practicing forestry and converting submarginal agricultural lands to productive forests; to protect private forest lands against forest wildfires, insects, and disease; to inform the public of the contribution that forests, a renewable natural resource, make to the economy of the state; to educate Texans in uses and abuses of forest products; and to assist forest products industries in developing new products and improving production techniques. Currently, the Texas Forest Service's mission focuses on providing statewide leadership to assure the state's trees, forests and related natural resources are protected and sustained for the benefit of all.