Curated Collections

These special collections of films, related to a particular subject, theme or personality, have been selected and extensively researched by TAMI staff.


For It to Have Happened in Texas...The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

The Texas Archive of the Moving Image offers a view of the event from a singular perspective: that of Texans themselves.  Recounted through materials contained in the archive’s stacks, this collection presents the story as seen through the eyes of Texans who experienced it firsthand, including John Connally's personal account of the events of November 22, 1963.


The Hollywood of Texas - The Jamieson Film Company

As a pioneer in film technology and production and the first major motion picture facility in the Southwest, the Jamieson Film Company helped pave the way for Dallas to become a leader in the film industry at both the state and national levels.  "The Hollywood of Texas" explores the history and legacy of the company, as well as the breadth of Texas filmmaking.


Have Camera - Will Travel
The Texas Archive of the Moving Image's collections contain thousands of home movies.  "Have Camera - Will Travel" showcases a selection of these, all featuring road trips through the American West.



Pieces of the Past
Highlighting one of the largest and most accessible collections of local television films in Texas if not the nation, “Pieces of the Past” explores the history of Austin television through the works of its participants.



Home Is Where the President Is
“Home is where the President is” explores the overlap between President Johnson and his family’s public exposure and private experience, and the physical spaces where this relationship unfolded.



Texas and Texans During the Vietnam War Years
This selection of Vietnam-War-related materials from the TAMI video library includes Super 8 films made by a Texan in Vietnam in 1971, newsreels, home movies, and other productions from the era. 



Melton Barker Juvenile Productions
Throughout the twentieth century, so-called "itinerant filmmakers" traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, visiting smaller cities and making a business out of the creation of local "stars."



Speakers of the Texas House of Representatives
The Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives plays a unique and influential role not only in the legislature but in the ever evolving hisotry of the Lone Star state.



The Texas Film Sampler
Showcasing films from 1900 to 2002, the Texas Film Sampler offers a curated overview designed to illustrate the eclectic nature of TAMI's collection content.




The Rio Grande Border Filmography Collection
In conjunction with the Rio Grande Institute, TAMI presents the first stage towards an online list and chronicle of feature films depicting the US-Mexico frontier.