Digitization Services for a Fee

If you do not qualify for the free digitization via the Texas Film Round-Up program or do not wish to participate, the Texas Archive of the Moving Image’s skilled digitization technicians can transfer your films and videos for a fee, which goes to support TAMI’s educational mission.

Film Transfers
Standard Definition (SD) - Silent : 16mm, 8mm, Super 8: $0.25/ft

High Definition (HD) - Silent (720p): 16mm, 8mm, Super 8: $0.35/ft

For Sound on Film: Add $0.05 to the per foot rate.

Price includes new film leader attached to head and tail of reels, inspection for damage, one-pass cleaning, and transfer of 16mm audio (if applicable). Film repair is an additional $35 per hour. You will be contacted with an estimate prior if repair work is needed.

Don't know how much film you have? You can make a good estimate using the following guidelines. Use a ruler to measure all the way across the reel. Then use the chart below to estimate how much film you have. TAMI can provide an estimate for a $20 fee.

8mm film   

16mm film        

Reel Size Length if Full   Reel Size Length if Full
3 in. 50 ft.   3 1/2 in. 50 ft.
5 in.  200 ft.   10 1/2 in. 1000 ft.
5 3/4 in. 250 ft.   14 in. 1800 ft.
7 in. 400 ft.   15 in. 2300 ft.

Video Transfers
VHS, 8mm/Hi8/Video8/Digital8 - $25 per hour of videotape
3/4"/U-Matic, BetaSP - $35 per hour of videotape

All tape digitized in standard definition only.

File Delivery
You can choose to recieve your SD digitized files on DVD (additional copies are $15 each) or as image sequence (TIFF), AVI or MOV video files on a portable drive you provide. HD movie fi les are provided as MP4, MOV, or image sequence (TIFF) on a portable drive you provide. HD movie fi les can only be provided as digital files. TAMI will store copies of your digital fi les for 90 days. More details on digital files available upon request.

You can pick up your collection at our Austin office, or TAMI will ship it to you via USPS mail. Mailing costs will be included in your invoice.

Payment can be made via check or Pay Pal. For more information or to place an order, please contact us at info@texasarchive.org or 512-485-3073.