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Football - Cardinals 10 Cowboys 10

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Sound | 1966

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  •  Bobby Joe Conrad scores a touchdown for the Cardinals 
  •  Dan Reeves scores a touchdown for Dallas 
  •  Bakken ties the game with a field goal 
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  •  (Chanting) Go!  Go!  Go! 
  •  In St. Louis the Cardinals face the Cowboys, both undefeated. 
  •  Second period, Cardinals with the trailing 3-0 and Johnson to Shiver's pass is good for a 40 yard gain. 
  •  Three plunges fail, so Johnson rolls out right and tosses to Bobby Joe Conrad for the score.  Cardinals 7, Cowboys 3. 
  •  Both clubs wage a tremendous defense battle, rushing the passer, covering receivers.  Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith spots Peter Gent far downfield and it's good for 45 yards. 
  •  On the very next play Meredith hands off to Dan Reeves who crashes into the endzone.  Now it's Dallas 10, St. Louis 7. 
  •  Still behind with only 4 minutes left, the Cards Jim Bakken kicks, Bob Hayes fumbles a fair catch attempt, and Dave O'Brien falls on it.  Cardinals ball on the Cowboys' 29. 
  •  Bakken attempts the tying field goal, and it's good.  The Cardinals and Cowboys are all even now with 10 points each. 
  •  Danny Villanueva back to kick for Dallas.  He decides to run for the first down, going all the way to the St. Louis 28 before he's forced out. 
  •  34 seconds left.  Dallas attempts a field goal to break the tie.  Villanueva from the 33.  It's wide to the left.  No good. 
  •  St. Louis now trying to get field goal position.  Johnson to Smith, good for 18 yards. 
  •  11 seconds.  Bakken tries from the Dallas 42.  No good.  St. Louis and Dallas play a 10-10 deadlock with glory for both clubs. 
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October 16, 1966 - Both undefeated, the Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Cardinals meet up for an exciting match that ultimately leads to a 10-10 deadlock.