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Governor Price Daniel Addresses the North Sea Flood

Gordon Wilkison

Sound | 1962

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    •  Ladies and Gentlemen, Governor Price Daniel 
    •  My fellow Texans, when Hurricane Carla hit the coast of our state and did such great damage, the people of West Berlin raised 187,000 dollars to aid those who had been stricken here in Texas. 
    •  Now a great flood has hit Germany, and in West Germany we find that over 200 people were killed by this flood. 
    •  As you know, Texans are trying to raise money to return this appreciation and friendship shown by the people of West Germany during the time of Hurricane Carla and thereafter. 
    •  As Governor, I appeal to you as citizens of this state. Please make contributions, so that we can show that we appreciate what was done for Texans who were in trouble, and so that we can help our fellow men in West Germany. 
    •  Make your checks to the American Red Cross, marked For West Germany Relief, and mail them either to this station or to the Governor's office. 
    •  I appeal to you. Let's show our appreciation for what West Berlin did for Hurricane Carla disaster victims in Texas. Thank you. 
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    In 1961 Hurricane Carla created 26 tornados before its September 11 landfall along the Texas coast between Port O'Connor and Port Lavaca. The extreme winds and water devastated downtown Galveston claiming at least 43 lives. Relief donations came in from as far away as West Berlin. A year later, West Germany suffered over 200 fatalities as a result of the North Sea Flood of 1962. In this television address, Governor Price Daniel appeals to Texans to contribute donations to the flood's relief efforts.
    Gordon Wilkison began work as a cameraman at the local Austin television station KTBC (now FOX 7) during 1952, its first year of operation.  At the time the station was owned by the Texas Broadcasting Company, which was owned by Senator Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson. This relationship would continue to shape Wilkison's career well into the next decades - during the Johnson administration, Wilkison covered the president's visits to Texas, preparing material for national and international news correspondents. 
    A particularly notable moment in his career occurred on August 1, 1966, when Wilkison and KTBC reporter Neal Spelce risked their lives to capture footage of the Tower shooting at the University of Texas. 
    Wilkison was also the General Manager of Photo Processors at the LBJ Broadcasting Corporation, which he later took over and renamed Cenetex Film Labs. In addition to his camera work and film processing, his work at the station also included direction of a number of television film productions.
    Outside of KTBC, Wilkison shot, edited, and processed Longhorn football game footage for the University of Texas, a partnership that lasted nearly 30 years.    
    Recognizing the historical value of film and news footage, Wilkison kept the material, later contributing hundreds of reels to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image's collection.
    Marion Price Daniel, Sr. served Texas for forty years, holding a number of offices at the state and national level. Daniel was born in Dayton, Texas on October 10, 1910, earned his law degree from Baylor University in 1932, and worked as a defense attorney in Liberty, TX, until his election to the Texas House of Representatives in 1938.  His political career then steadily advanced: he was elected Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives in 1943, Texas Attorney General in 1947, and U.S. Senator from Texas in 1952. In 1957 he was elected Governor of Texas, a position he held until 1963. From 1967 to 1969 he headed the Office of Emergency Preparedness under President Lyndon B. Johnson, and from 1971 to 1978 served as Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Some endeavors for which Price Daniel became best known are his defense of Texas ownership of its tidelands, his defense of the University of Texas Law School in the 1950 Sweatt v. Painter desegregation case, his staunch opposition to a state sales tax, and his key role in the construction of the Texas State and Library Archives building on the Capitol grounds. Price Daniel died in 1988 and is buried on his family ranch in Liberty.