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Jamieson Film Company Demo Reel

Bruce Jamieson

Sound | c. 1970

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  •  Bruce Jamieson, President 
  •  Bruce Jamieson, President 
  •  Jamieson Film Company, 3825 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas 
  •  Bruce Jamieson, President 
  •  David Orr 
  •  Tom Terrell 
  •  Jerry Dickinson 
  •  Gene Dennis 
  •  Joe Camp, known best as the writer, producer and director of "Benji" 
  •  Bruce Jamieson, President 
  •  Jamieson Stage East, later Video Central Productions 
  •  Bruce Jamieson, President 
  •  Lloyd Abernathy 
  •  Ralph Canada 
  •  Jamieson Film Company processed the original copies of the Zapruder film capturing the assasination of President John F. Kennedy  
  •  Hugh Jamieson, Jr. 
  •  7-11 Training Film 
  •  Directed by David Orr 
  •  Mr. Wicky is played by Tom Loughney, Dallas actor who also has a role in 1962's State Fair 
  •  Gerry Johnson, voice of Betty Rubble in Seasons 5 and 6 of the Flintstones and star of Dallas television show "Gerry Johnson's Variety Fair" undefined 
  •  Commercial for Lone Star Gas 
  •  Commercial for Ford Pintos, Mustangs and Mavericks 
  •  Commercial for Lone Star Beer 
  •  Commercial for Friedrich Air Conditioners, starring Anita Bryant 
  •  Commercial for Owens Country Foods Chili 
  •  Commercial for $1000 Beer 
  •  Commercial for First National Bank in Dallas 
  •  Commercial for Owens Country Style Sausage 
  •  Commercial for Bonnie Bread 
  •  Commercial for Futuro Patient Aids and Wheelchair 
  •  Commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken, starring Joe Tex 
  •  Commercial for Northern Natural Gas Company 
  •  Commercial for Yago Sangria 
  •  Commercial for Payroll Deduction at Your Credit Union 
  •  Commercial for Merchants Bank 
  •  Commercial for Merchants Bank 
  •  Commercial for Luv Low-Fat Milk by Robert's 
  •  Commercial for North Central Ford in San Antonio 
  •  Commercial for 1971 Ford Ranchero and Explorer 
  •  Commercial for Simplicity Mowers 
  •  Commercial for Olympic-size Skittle Bowl, starring Ben Davidson and Roger Staubach 
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This promotional reel highlights the range of films and production services provided by the Jamieson Film Company. President Bruce Jamieson introduces the company and gives a brief overview of operations, staff and facilities, including the main studio, soundstage, film processing laboratory and manufacturing plant, and the staff who run each division. Following the tour of the company is a demo reel of Jamieson-produced short films and advertisements. Companies represented in the ads include: 7 Eleven, Ford Motor Vehicles, Lone Star Beer, Friedrich Air Conditioners featuring Anita Bryant, Owens Country Foods, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Luv Milk, and many more.