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Our Home Town

The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Sound | 1946

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  •  In the background is the old post office, standing on what is currently the site of Frost Bank. In the foreground, the man on the right is Fire Chief Lou Haynes. 
  •  Hayes County Courthouse 
  •  The Rotary Club. Attendees at this meeting include: Dr. Bowie, a university professor; Mr. Surer, a local clothier; Dr. Flowers, President of the university; Mr. Gene Schruchins, owner of the Chevy dealership; Mr. Henry King; Dr. Norwood; Mr. Bob Van Gundy, owner of the Western Auto; Mr. Don Russel, manager of Aquarena Springs; and Mr. Beauford Williams. 
  •  The State Bank and Trust Building was robbed by the Newton Gang in 1924, and probably by Machine Gun Kelly in 1933. The building was featured in the 1972 film ''The Getaway'', starring Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw. 
  •  Will Goforth, longtime bank teller 
  •  Mr. Ike Wood, member of the bank's board of directors, is sitting on the right. 
  •   George Adams Tallmadge Sr. in hat on right. Tallmadge  owned a photography studio in San Marcos that was at 326N Austin St.  
  •  Simon's Bakery. Mr. Simon, the bakery owner is standing in the center of the group, and is shown again displaying loaves of Simon Pure bread. 
  •  Smith's Flowers 
  •  Myrtle Smith, in the patterned dress, helps a customer. 
  •  San Marcos Fire Department, currently Texas State University Fire Station Studios. Standing behind the crouching man is Mr. Oliver. 
  •  Among the men standing in front of the engine are Willie Posey and Fire Chief Lou Haynes. 
  •  Humbles was in the current location of Zelicks at North St. & W. Hopkins St. 
  •  Pictured are station agent W.A. Phillips and his son Gene Phillips. Gene served as the President of the School Board and General Manager of Aquarena Springs. 
  •  The San Marcos Bobcats football team. Team members include Bubba Coers and Aaron Coon. 
  •  Holmes Auto Supply, currently the site of Nephew's. Mr. Holmes is pictured smoking his pipe and again inside the shop, helping a customer from behind the counter. 
  •  Kiwanis Club. Members pictured include: Lou Haynes; Jack Woods; shown with the pipe is San Marcos Mayor and local theater owner, Frank Zimmerman; Burt Miller of Miller Drug Store; Mr. Ed B. Dobbins of the Hudson Terraplane car dealership; wearing a hat is Superintendent of Schools, Fred Catterly; C.M. Waldrip stands behind 2 men wearing hats; Dr. Shiev; in a dark suit is the dentist, Dr. Vernon Cook; and on the end is San Marcos High School Principal, Y.P. Yarborough. 
  •  Shown close up left-to-right are C.M. Waldrip, Dr. Vernon Cook (holding the book), and Dr. Rogers. 
  •  The Ford Dealership was owned and built by Mr. Tom Sumners. 
  •  Waldrip Insurance Agency, owned by C.M. Waldrip. Seated at the desk are Mr. Waldrip and Mr. Bob Kerchivl. 
  •  Spring Lake, where the San Marcos Springs can be viewed through a glass bottom boat. Pictured is Buster Williamson, designer of the earliest glass bottomed boats, boat operator and Justice of the Peace. 
  •  Carson's 
  •  The San Marcos Coca-Cola bottling plant 
  •  Lions Club. Members pictured include: Walter Ricter; clothier Mr. Tom Surer and his wife; in the striped tie is Mr. Gene Philips with his wife Betty; in the dark dress with the white lacy top is Mrs. Jack Garry. 
  •  Waldrip Cleaners was owned by C.M. Waldrip between the years 1926 - 1943. At this time, the Waldrip family lived upstairs from the business. Pictured here is Russell Cooper, who managed and later bought the business, which later moved and became Cooper Cleaners. 
  •  Longtime employees, Fred and Emmet 
  •  The Western Auto store was owned and operated by Bob Van Gundy. The little girls pictured inside are his daughters Harriet and Flo Van Gundy. 
  •  The Catholic Church. This building is no longer standing. 
  •  First Presbyterian Church. This building was torn down and rebuilt in the 1950s 
  •  The First Baptist Church, currently Sanctuary Loft Apartments 
  •  The man in the beenie cap is Corky Gailbraith. When he wasn't in line at a theater, he helped his father run Rio Vista Park. 
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Independent and entrepreneurial filmmakers have always played an important role in the larger American motion picture heritage. Unfortunately, many of their films remain unknown and undiscovered. Not included in corporate or state archival collections, they are often forgotten or lost in private homes and abandoned warehouses. The films of Shadrack (Shad) Graham serve as excellent examples of these independent, entrepreneurial films. A former Hollywood director, Graham produced documentary films about daily life in small towns across the United States throughout the Depression years. After filming an award-winning documentary about the disastrous Texas City explosion in 1947, Graham relocated to Missouri City, TX, and focused on his "Our Home Town" series -- films that encouraged commerce and civic activity in rural communities. Although many of the films produced by his company, Texas News Trailers, from this period are missing, this clip from still existent, "Our Home Town: San Marcos", illustrates Graham's work well.