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Report From Texas

The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Sound | c. 1946

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    •  [music - The Eyes of Texas] 
    •  One thing is sure, if there's a man in your outfit from Texas, you've heard some tall tales by now. 
    •  But there's sure enough facts about Texas that make it one of the doggonedest states in the Union. 
    •  700,000 men and women in uniform come from Texas. 
    •  More than 10% of the state's population. 
    •  They come from clusters of skyscrapers on the plains like Dallas, 
    •  Or Amarillo, 
    •  Houston, 
    •  [music] 
    •  Texans have gone to war with cattle ranches, with sheep ranches, the green sorghum country, dairy farms, rice fields, turkey ranches, oil fields, the wheat country, the citrus country, and for the young men [who had to stay?] the war, Texas began a...major..to meet the emergency 
    •  Shipyards....that brought thousands from the country and the cities. The onetime farmer and his wife, and farmer's daughters are making everything from Navy craft to freighters. 
    •  Airplane factories have drawn more thousands from the ranches and farms. 
    •  So what happens? Shorthanded Texas pitches in and produces more of the stuff...than ever before in its history. 
    •  2 1/2 million barrels of oil are being pumped from Texas wells every day of the year. 
    •  Farmers without hired hands produced a record wheat crop of 60 million bushels in 1944. And had the winter wheat planted right on schedule. The rice growers had another record crop. 
    •  Magnesium is being made from rock. And if the rock gets.., they're making magnesium from seawater. 
    •  They pick the cotton by hand, or if they can't get help, they harvest it with a cotton picker's nightmare. 
    •  Hundreds of thousands of acres of sorghum grains are harvested to feed the livestock. 
    •  Helium plants continue to furnish practically all the world's supply of this non-inflammable, lighter-than-air gas. 
    •  Black clouds in the sky arise from plants where carbon black is produced by burning natural gas and making synthetic rubber. At the Texas plants a big part of the nation's synthetic rubber is being manufactured. 
    •  Sulphur is brought from underground by super-heated steam. 
    •  The sulphur is dried in huge dumps. 
    •  Trainloads of this vital mineral are shipped daily. 
    •  War has turned this state into one of the great industrial areas, but the old Texas is here too. 
    •  These cattle roam the plains until it's time to separate the calves from the herds. 
    •  [moo] 
    •  And finally the cattle march that last mile at the Fort Worth stockyards. 
    •  Texas sheep contributed twice as much wool as the state of Texas...And the sheep too march that last mile at Fort Worth to help feed millions. 
    •  Angora goats supply 85% of the packaged mohair. 
    •  Turkey raising is one of the old standbys. And that Texas climate has produced some whoppers - baby beef turkeys, running up to 50 pounds. [gobble!] 
    •  Yes, Texas has done itself proud in wartime. And the people who have made this possible are simply the families of the men - the mothers and the wives, fathers and brothers. 
    •  George Nicholas has his son hospitalized in New Caledonia. 
    •  There are three men named Hoover who will recognize Mother and Dad at work. 
    •  ....carries on with the memory of her son captive on Corregidor, the same with her husband... 
    •  Mrs. Tom White raised her own son and two foster sons on this farm near Paris. All are overseas. 
    •  All the kids of the Davis family help their mother pick the cotton. The son is in the Navy. 
    •  Raymond Malone, cotton picker, has a son in the army overseas. 
    •  Mr. Reagan's son wears the purple heart. 
    •  [ ]Stevenson has five brothers in the army, Marines and Air Corp. And John Taylor also is the only one of six brothers who's not in uniform. 
    •  .., engineer on the...pumps, has a Marine brother with a purple heart and another brother in the ETO. 
    •  [ ], sister of a Navy man...; Mrs. [ ], wife of a GI overseas; [ ] brother of a Navy Man 
    •  J.R. Cox, switcher, with two sons and three grandsons in the service. One son is reported missing. 
    •  [ ]....Her husband was taken prisoner. 
    •  And on the Alabama-Coushatta Indian reservation out of a community population of 380 there are 28 stars in the service flag. 
    •  The kids don't quite understand what is going on in the world, but they're fascinated by letters from the chief's son, PFC James...in the fifth infantry who've been fighting the enemy in New Guinea. 
    •  And the men of the reservation who remain are hard at work in the logging camps. 
    •  In Austin, the city university campus is a little on the feminine side with so many men away. About the capitol building as everywhere else in the state, the flag of Texas flies beside the Stars and Stripes. 
    •  The men from Texas mean it when they say that whenever the United States goes to war, Texas can be counted on to fight right along side them. 
    •  It's hard to find a Texan who doesn't claim that his state has the most beautiful girls in the world. 
    •  Here's a few...department store in Dallas What's the verdict? 
    •  And what kind of knucklehead would keep a dish like this waiting? 
    •  Typical of Texas is the ranch of Ed C. Henke, several miles outside Kerrville. Two sons and two daughters were raised here by the Henkes, but now the elder son is in the infantry overseas, and the two daughters are married to men who have shipped out. 
    •  Whenever possible the two daughters visit the ranch to help out. The only regular hand that Dad Henke has is his younger son W.R. 
    •  After breakfast Dad and W.R. start the day with milking chores. A heifer cow is reserved for W.R.'s.... - a bold calf he raised for the 4-H club competition. 
    •  Little Charles Lee, son of the Henke boy overseas, loves to visit Grandma and Grandpa on weekends and get himself involved in everything possible. 
    •  On the ranch everyday is Easter for Charlie as they track down the eggs with Grandma. Charles Lee insists on helping with anything such as giving Grandpa a lift on feeding the hogs. 
    •  Meanwhile... a Henke girl married to a field artillery man, churns some butter with a newfangled gadget that works automatically to.... 
    •  There's that weekly wash to be taken care of too, although it's far from what it used to be when all the kids were growing up. Mrs. Peters, the other Henke daughter, who is married to an Air Corps man, helps her mother. And of course, Charles Lee is in there pitching. 
    •  Dad and W.R. have regular inspection trips to be made, checking on the livestock in the pasture. 
    •  And while husband and son are away, Mrs. Henke finds that as always everybody has forgotten to bring in some wood for the cook stove. She's tried for years to train dad and all the kids to relieve her of this chore, but she's still doing it herself. 
    •  The cattle gathering around the feed get fed and give a chance check on their condition. There are nine...this year. 
    •  The sheep too...long time... fix the fence themselves the men of honor.....cattle and sheep... 
    •  W.R. is anxious to have his brothers see what he's accomplished with his filly. A few weeks ago she was wild as a cornered bobcat. W.R. broke her all by himself. 
    •  And Mother with the food she put up last summer and fall, makes sure that the dried apples are in a prominent place. They won second prize at the Kerrville County Fair. 
    •  When deer season opens W.R. is among the first to get his buck. He'll pack it cheerily for miles just to see the proud glimmer in Dad's eyes when he walks casually up to the house. 
    •  The family is proud too of the way W.R. looks out for the son of the baby brother who is overseas. Joining him...in the woods in spring. And never a harsh word from him when little Charles Lee decides that the best way to catch a fish is to beat him over the head with a fishing pole. 
    •  Sunday mornings the Henke family dress in its best for morning services in Kerrville. They meet other neighbors who talk about their husbands and sons who are away, and they are led in prayer by Reverend P... 
    •  [Lord's Prayer and hymn] 
    •  The end of each day finds the family a pretty tired lot. But with that feeling of having worked hard and unselfishly for the common good. 
    •  And Charles Lee who hates his bedtime like any other kid, and speaks with childish pride of the Daddy he worships.....is the best answer the Henkes have as to why the men of Texas, like the men of all states, have left their homes to make sure the security and freedom of the American family will not be destroyed. 
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    Taken from a US government produced documentary explaining Texas to those serving in the armed services during wartime, Texans are depicted serving their country on the battlefield and at home. This stirring depiction of Texans' patriotism details their contributions to the war effort through military service, increased resource production, and personal sacrifice. Perhaps most poignantly, the film emphasizes how families and loved ones grapple with the absence of soldiers serving overseas. [PLEASE NOTE: SOUND QUALITY IS QUITE POOR. CLICK ON THE TRANSCRIPT TAB TO READ ALONG WITH THE NARRATION]