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The Fuentes Family Home Movies Added to the National Film Registry
Rare 9.5mm amateur films from Corpus Christi, preserved by TAMI, have been named to the National ...
TAMI Joins UH for National Women's Conference Commemoration
TAMI joins UH to collect film and videotape documenting the 1977 National Women's Conference
New Lesson Plan: Texas in Transition - Social, Political, and Economic Issues in 1920s Texas
TAMI presents a new lesson plan in which students examine the culture and politics in 1920s Texas...
New Lesson Plan: Weathering Texas
Using TAMI’s interactive web exhibit, “Weathering Texas,” students will demonstrate an understand...
New Releases: The KHOU Collection
TAMI presents new additions from the KHOU-TV Collection, featuring a press barbecue at the LBJ R...
New Releases: December 2017
To close out 2017, this month’s New Releases looks back at three bygone Austin phenomena
New Releases January 2017
TAMI is delighted to present the William Mackie Collection, featuring a variety of short films pr...
New Releases May 2017
TAMI presents a series of educational films from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impa...
New Releases: November 2017
Travel back in time with TAMI to revisit two historic events in both Texas and US history
New Releases: October 2017
This month’s New Releases showcases a trio of archival finds you do not want to miss!
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