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Better Basketball for Boys
Spoof of an educational film in which five boys try to play basketball according to an absurd set of rules
Bob’s Trip and “Dazed”
Footage shot by amateur filmmaker Robert H. Frye, including a trip to New York City and a short film “Daz...
Future A-Roll
Amateur science fiction film from the Robert H. Frye collection tells the story of a time traveler in the...
Titled “Laugh,” this experimental film focuses primarily upon an older man in a tie laughing maniacally
Light and Color Experiments
Short experimental footage of color and light distortion from amateur filmmaker Alan Frye
Logo Sequences
Logos and short animated sequences from amateur filmmaker Robert H. Frye
Machination Outtakes
Outakes from a short film by amateur filmmaker Robert H. Frye combing claymation with live action shots o...
Man in Black
Footage from amateur filmmaker Robert F. Frye depicting a suited man driving
Outtakes From Student Disaster Film
Alternate takes from an amateur film about students in a crisis that involves science
Portrait of a Man Smoking
Amateur film depicting a man listening to classical music while smoking
Short Films - Obelisk Desire, USSR, Future
Three amateur short films created in the 1970s by Robert Frye, combining experimental techniques, stop mo...
Steiner Rodeo Footage
Footage of the Steiner Rodeo company competition in Austin, TX in the 1970s