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Austin Car Wreck Misc., no. 1
Footage of a collision in a residential neighborhood
Car Wreck 9-21-62
A car lies on its side in an empty field
Car Wrecked Into a Tree
News footage of car wrecked into a tree with kids, adults and a policeman observing the wreckage
Car Wreck - November 7th, 1962
Curious bystanders gawk at a 1950s car that has crashed into a truck
Car Wreck, Mount Bonnell Road, Austin (1964)
Likely shot for an Austin-based television news affiliate, this footage shows the recovery of an automobi...
Cement Mixer Wreck
Police direct traffic at the scene of an overturned cement mixer on Lamar Boulevard in Austin
Christmas Day Car Wreck
Footage of an automobile wreck with a telephone pole
Expressway Wrecks (also dog from animal shelter)
Footage of a multi-car pile-up on the expressway and a dog from the animal shelter
Fatal Car Wreck I
Footage of the wreckage from a deadly collision on a country road
Fatal Car Wreck on Austin's Bull Creek Road
Footage of a fatal accident at the intersection of Bull Creek Rd. and White Rock Drive in Austin
Fatal Car Wreck I (2013)
Student film using archival footage to tell the story of a man reflecting on his death and life after a f...
Fire Truck Wreck
Footage of a house fire, a delivery truck that has flipped on its side, and a man standing in front of B....
Mailboxes May Be Hazardous To Your Health! (1989)
Educational film examining how mailboxes can be dangerous for motorists
Nacogdoches 1938
Itinerant film scenes of the residents, schoolchildren, and local businesses of Nacogdoches in 1938
Police at Wrecks
Montage film from Austin based network news affiliate of three separate car accident sites.
Police At The Scene Of A Car Wreck
Police officers survey the area surrounding a car crash while onlookers crowd around the flipped over veh...
Texas Department of Public Safety - Labor Day 1965 Holiday Safety Reminder
Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Homer Garrison, urges safe driving over the Labor Day ...
Texas Department of Public Safety - Labor Day Safety Reminder (1963)
Governor Connally and Col. Homer Garrison stress safe driving over the Labor Day weekend
Texas Highways in Trouble: A Report on the Texas Highway Transportation Crisis (1976)
Documentary film detailing issues concerning the substandard roads, highways, and bridges across the stat...
The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, December 8 - 12, 1966
KHOU news clips from December 1966, including news segments about a ship wreck, three separate murders, a...
The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, February, 1963
KHOU-TV news clips from February, 1963
The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, November 27 - December 1, 1966
KHOU news clips from November and December 1966, including news segments about a train derailment and air...
The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, September 23, 1972
KHOU-TV news clips from September 23, 1972
The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, September 25 - November 2, 1966
KHOU news clips from September through November 1966, including segments about the Jack Ruby appeal and a...
The Lonely Ones
Film that tells the stories of three troubled youths as a warning against juvenile delinquency
The Lure of Speeding: The 55 mph Controversy
Educational film from the TX DPS on the importance of the speed limit
The Motor Vehicle Inspection Program
Film detailing the newly implemented Texas Motor Vehicle Inspection Program
The Stroud Collection - Texan Theatre, no. 16 - Hamilton County Athletics (1937)
Footage of Hamilton County’s high school sports teams
The Viet Nguyen Family Collection - Scope is Dope (1994)
This compilation of clips comes from the Reagan High School media production/journalism in Austin
Two Automobile Wrecks
In this footage most likely shot for an Austin-based network news affiliate, two automobile wrecks are shown
W.H. Tilley Collection, no. 5 - 1950s
Home movie footage of a 1957 Austin Horseless Carriage Club meet and parade, a train derailment on West 5...
Wreck I
Footage of the aftermath of a head-on collision with onlooking bystanders
Wreck 37th + Lamar, Explosion
Footage of the ruins of an exploded house book-ending footage of a collision in north Austin
Wreck III
Footage of the aftermath of a car wreck involving local taxi company Roy’s Taxi
Wrecks on 183 10-29-64
Footage of a variety of views of a wreck along US Highway 183-- a road and surroundings that sure have ch...