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Colonial Sweet Rolls Commercial, no. 1
Put a little sweetness in your life with Colonial Sweet Rolls
Imperial Sugar Commercial, no. 17 - Bakery (1981)
Television advertisement for Imperial Sugar stresses the product’s “dependable results”
Kennedy and Johnson on the Campaign Trail, Part II (1960)
Silent newsreel footage of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson campaigning prior to the 1960 presidenti...
The Courtney Family Collection - Thanksgiving and Christmas (1967)
Home movie of a Thanksgiving picnic and Christmas gathering in Vidor
The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 8 - Birthday Parties (1955-56)
1950s home movie of two birthday parties, including one at San Antonio’s Kiddie Park
The KCTV News Collection - City Planning Meeting and Fall Festival in Rowena (1973)
KCTV news footage of a city planning meeting and the 1973 Fall Festival in Rowena
The KCTV News Collection - Fall Festival in Wall, Texas (1969)
Silent news footage from the KCTV News Collection of the 1969 Fall Festival in Wall
Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 49 - Awards Ceremony (1971)
Home movie scenes of the Freemans attending a formal tea and reception honoring individuals from the comm...
Thomas F. Freeman Collection, no. 82 - Christmas and Basketball (1972)
Home movie scenes of the Freemans celebrating Christmas 1972
Why Pie? (2016)
Documentary short about the delectable desserts offered at the Paris Coffee Shop in Fort Worth