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Energy - Critical Choices Ahead
Produced by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this film discusses sources of America’s energy in the 1970s...
Exxon Name Change (1972)
Industrial film addressing the brand name change that consolidated Esso, Enco, and Humble into Exxon
Flowing Solids
Industrial film discussing catalytic cracking and its role in petroleum products
Lyndon B. Johnson Speech at the University of Texas
Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson speaks to University of Texas at Austin students about the threat of com...
Now That the Dinosaurs are Gone (1974)
A film advocating the use of nuclear power as a solution to the world's growing energy needs.
Odyssey: A Quest for Energy (1982)
Industrial film documenting the history of energy and how we harvest energy sources
Sea Robin (1971)
Promotional film highlighting the Sea Robin pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico
Windows in Time (1980)
Industrial film for the Electric Research Power Institute describing the development of energy technologies