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Alien Enemy Detention Facility, Crystal City, Texas
An overview of daily life at the Crystal City internment ‘camp' during World War II-- from the perspectiv...
Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch (1953)
1953 educational film showcasing the benefits of the Boys Ranch, located in Oldham County
Dolls (1975)
Experimental student documentary about women’s beauty pageants
Faces of Amarillo No. 2 - Promoters (1987)
Segment of documentary series highlighting some of the more colorful characters in the history of Amarillo
Gals Get Rough in Mat Bout
Newsreel footage of competitive women wrestlers in San Antonio.
Galveston Is the Mood You’re In
Tourism film from the early 1970s highlighting the variety of activities available in Galveston
Josephine’s Dream (1962)
Amateur film from Ramon Galindo titled “Josephine’s Dream”
Footage of kids at play in a residential neighborhood
Siegel Family, no. 3 - Majorettes, Carnival and Wrestling Match
Home movie scenes of a troupe of young majorettes, a vintage car show, the family at a carnival, and watc...
The Dr. Henry Withers, M.D. and Frances Withers Family and Friends Collection, no. 9 - Daily Li...
Home movie scenes of life at the Withers family ranch, including the family skeet shooting, fishing, wres...
The E.B. Hopkins Collection, no. 1 - Florida Vacation (c. 1925)
Home movies scenes of the Hopkins family on vacation in Miami, Florida in 1925
The Hayward Family Collection - Birthday Parties and a Pig Chase (1960)
Home movie scenes of a lively children’s pig chase at the rodeo and fun birthday parties
The Joseph Family Collection - Family Vacations (1969)
Home movie footage of the Joseph family at home in El Paso as well as on vacation across the state
The Marks Family Films, no. 4 - Rodeo Footage
Home movie of rodeo event highlights, from calf roping to bull riding
The McConnell Collection - Electra-Man and Dyna-Girl
Home movie from the 1970s of children playing pretend as super heroes
The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 22 - The First Annual Aqua Festival Parade and Rodeo (1962)
Home movie captures of the first annual Aqua Festival parade and rodeo in Austin in 1962
The Shawn T. Malone Films - Madril vs. Matsuda Wrestling Match (1975)
Home Movie capturing an NWA wrestling match at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston
The Shawn T. Malone Films - The Stomper vs. Superstar and Gang War (1975)
NWA wrestling matches at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston
The Stroud Collection - Texan Theatre, no. 16 - Hamilton County Athletics (1937)
Footage of Hamilton County’s high school sports teams
The Texas Surf Museum Collection - The Escape (1977)
Amateur film depicting a prisoner’s escape from his lock down and guard
Trouble in Texas (1937)
Feature film starring Tex Ritter
What is a Boy
Short black and white film exploring boyhood and what it means to a boy
Wrestling Highlites Endorsement
Former professional wrestler Leo Garibaldi endorses La Fuerza, one of the sponsors of his show Wrestling ...
Wrestling Highlites Endorsement
Former professional wrestler Leo Garibaldi endorses Pearl Beer, one of the sponsors of his show Wrestling...
Wrestling Highlites Endorsement (1963)
Wrestler Leo Garibaldi endorses Dependable Motors, one of the sponsors of his show Wrestling Highlites