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The KHOU-TV Collection - New Clips, May 1 - 5, 1968

Houston Metropolitan Research Center

Sound | 1968

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  •  Dr. Denton Cooley: The things which we’ll share are somewhat unique in our operation, was we used the technique of open heart surgery, in which the mechanical heart-lung was primed with dextrose and water. This is a sugar solution. We use a technique of hemodilution, thus avoiding the use of massive quantities of human blood to prime the pump. 
  •  The second thing, which I think is important is, we made no effort to artificially maintain circulation to the heart muscle in the donor heart. We removed it quickly and implanted it quickly. It was without circulation itself for a matter of thirty to thirty-five minutes. 
  •  And lastly, we used a method of implantation, which we believe will preserve the conduction mechanism of the heart. 
  •  Mrs. Helen Thomas: My husband’s doctor in Phoenix advised us that an operation was necessary, and we asked him to send us to the very finest place. He said that was Dr. Cooley in Houston, and we said go ahead with the arrangements. 
  •  Mr. Peter O'Donnell: Governor Ronald Reagan and his 1966 campaign originated and made famous throughout the Republican Party his eleventh commandment, quote, “Thou shall not speak ill of any other Republican,” unquote. Texas Republicans thought so highly of this that they adopted it verbatim in January 1967 as a statement of official policy for the Republican Party of Texas.  
  •  Therefore, it is surprising that two of Governor Reagan’s leading supporters in Texas, Mr. H.R. -- Mr. J.R. Butler and Mr. H.J. Porter, would break one of the most important rules of the very man they are trying to promote. I now call on Mr. Butler and Mr. Porter to stop their personal attacks and to present their case for Governor Reagan on its merits. 
  •  Interviewer: What part do you feel the church can play in bettering opportunities? 
  •  Bishop Markowski: The church doesn’t have brick and mortar funds, but it is in a position to further the teaching of the principles of equal dignity because this is really a moral and philosophical and religious matter, the equal dignity of all human beings and then their rights, their justice and such things as that. 
  •  So, mainly in teaching and leading and encouraging, perhaps even in offering to bring people together in dialog, I hope that the religious leaders have the confidence of various areas of the community and would help to bring about more fruitful dialog. 
  •  Dr. Cooley, May 3, 1968 - At a press conference, Dr. Denton Cooley and his colleagues describe the first heart transplant operation.  The surgery was performed at St. Luke's hospital in Houston on Everett Thomas, who lived for 204 days following the procedure. 
  •  Mrs. Thomas, May 3,1968 - Helen Thomas speaks to the media about how her husband, Everett Thomas, was referred to Dr. Cooley for surgery. 
  •  Turrentines Precinct Meeting, May 3, 1968 - Silent footage of a meeting. R.E. "Bob" Turrentine was the Harris County Clerk in 1968.  Of note - in May, 1968 Turrentine banned miniskirts from being worn in his department to avoid "incidents." 
  •  Burkhalter on Bond, May 3, 1968 - Silent footage of the bond hearing for Pasadena physician, Dr. Archie Herman Burkhalter, M.D. He had been released earlier that day from Harris County Jail. Burkhalter was indicted as an accomplice in the December, 1966 murder of his business partner, Dr. Robert E. Pendleton; he was convicted in 1970, but it was overturned by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  A second trial ended in mistrial, and he was aquitted at a third trial in 1975. In another twist, in 1979 he was accused of hiring two men to kill his ex-wife's new husband, John Hensley.  The murder attempt failed, but left Hensley blind.  Burkhalter himself suffered superficial wounds when he was shot by an unknown gunman while visiting his brother in Pasadena in 1980. 
  •  Peter ODonnell, May 1, 1968 - Mr. O'Donnell calls on Texas Republicans, Mr. J.R. Butler and Mr. H. J. Porter to cease their personal attacks on California Governor Ronald Reagan. Peter O'Donnell, a Dallas banker and philanthropist has a long history of contribution and leadership in the Texas GOP, including serving as its chair in the 1960s and as a chief advisor to Governor Bill Clements in 1978. 
  •  High Speed Chopper, May 1, 1968 - Silent footage shot both from inside a helicopter and from the ground.  
  •  Israllei[sic] Independence, May 2, 1968 - Silent footage of the Israeli flag being raised at Houston City Hall with Mayor Louie Welch, a group of school children, and others in attendance.  This was possibly a ceremony or proclamation observing the 20-year annivesary of the founding of Israel in May, 1948. 
  •  Marine Medals, May 5, 1968 - Silent footage of a ceremony in which medals were presented to several recipients, possibly the families of soldiers killed in Vietnam. 
  •  Ham's Help, May 5, 1968 - Silent footage of Q-SO Club of the Gulf Coast Radio Operators in Rosharon offering free coffee.  
  •  Mayor & Kids, May 5, 1968 - Silent footage of Mayor Louie Welch and a group of children taking a tour of the Houston Oilers training facility and get to try out some of the equipment. 
  •  Bishop Markowski on Poor Help, May 5, 1968 - Bishop John Morkvosky discusses the Catholic church's ability to providing opportunities to the community. 
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This film reel from KHOU-TV Channel 11 in Houston contains a series of short news segments that would have aired as highlights to news stories. Many are silent and would have been voiced over by the anchorperson. The titles for each segment are the originals created by KHOU-TV. The clips on this reel all date from early May, 1968. Transcribed by Adept Word Management™, Inc.
The digital preservation of this collection was made possible by a grant to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image and the Houston Public Library from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.
Many more films from the KHOU-TV Collection are available on the Houston Public Library Houston Area Digital Archives website.