Silent Era

Early 1890s to Late 1920s

Some of the earliest films still in existence were shot in Texas at the turn of the century.  One of the most famous examples is film pioneer G. W. “Billy” Bitzer, who captured the aftermath of the Galveston Hurricane in 1900 despite warnings from public officials that film cameras were banned from the site. Even before the Los Angeles-based industry rose to global prominence in the 1920s, many Texas-based production companies prospered throughout the state.  In 1910, Gaston Méliès, brother of famed French filmmaker Georges Méliès, selected San Antonio as the U.S. base for their Star Film Company.  With the growth of the major studios in Hollywood, Texas increasingly provided shooting locations for several prestigious features, including The Warrens of Virginia (1924), The Big Parade (1925), and Wings (1927).

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